Shapescaper FAQ

Redcor steel generically known as COR-TEN is commonly used in projects where painting is not required or preferred. When exposed to the elements Redcor steel forms a stable rust like appearance. Due to its specific mix of alloys, it continues to resist corrosion from weather conditions. In short you will have a beautiful rustic patina to either compliment or contrast your garden and house for many years to come.

Do not panic you have received the correct steel……
Redcor steel does not come with a rusty appearance. You will receive a light silver to grey product with an oily surface. Once the steel is exposed to the elements it will begin to weather.

  • Steel becomes much more difficult for the end user to manipulate
  • Steel that is already rusted is extremely dirty to work with
  • The way the lengths are stored the steel could possibly fuse  together

Shapescaper lengths slip inside each other when packed together. What appears to be only 1 length will be 2 lengths.

There are various factors that influence the patina of weathering steel. The factors include salinity, Ph level of soil, rainfall and moisture. The steel will generally take 3 – 6 months to reach a stable colour. Over the next 40 years the colour will slowly change.

(See Table Below)

Our rule of thumb for Shapescaper metal edging is three stakes per length for curved sections and four stakes per length for straight sections.

There are 9 holes along a 2400mm length of shapescaper steel edging. The two holes at each end of the length are for the joiner plates. The other 5 holes are guides for your stake spacing.

  • Holes 1,3 and 5 are to be used when applying 3 stakes per length
  • holes 1,2,4 and 5 are to be used when applying 4 stakes per length

The most important tip is that the holes along the length are not designed to perfectly align with the stake hole.

We have holes on both the lengths and stakes, so you have the choice to fix off from the front or behind, depending on your situation. 

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