Shapescaper T&C’s Warranty


All SHAPESCAPER™ products are covered by a 10 year guarantee to resupply structurally failed products. The warranty commences from the time of initial retail purchase. In order to gain the maximum life from your SHAPESCAPER™ product, correct installation procedures should be followed. Most conditions require the installer to apply a protective coating such as Bitumen or an Epoxy Mastic to any surface that is in contact with soil.

The protective “rust” patina formed on weathering steel such as REDCOR® Steel is influenced by environmental conditions and can vary across different locations. While the steel is developing this protective layer it is important that the steel is subject to cycles of both wet and dry conditions. This is a natural process and can take up two or three years to stabilise. Variations in the consistency and hue of the patina are not covered under this warranty. Areas exposed to high salinity, high acidity, corrosive chemicals and environments that are exposed to constantly wet conditions inhibit the formation of a stable protective patina. The use of salt or other chemical means to accelerate the weathering process can permanently damage the steels capacity to form a stable protective layer.

This Warranty DOES NOT cover:

    1. Structural damage ie. malfunction or failure of a product caused or contributed to by:
      (a) improper installation or failure to follow installation and site preparation instructions;
      (b) abnormal environmental conditions eg. areas exposed to high salinity, high acidity, corrosive chemicals and environments that are exposed to constantly wet conditions;
      (c) SHAPESCAPER™ products installed within 1km of a saltwater coastline or within 15m of a saltwater pool.
      (d) heavy loads or mechanical abuse to products above and beyond reasonably expected and specified usage;
      (e) any modification or repair which has not been authorised Landscape Engineering Pty Ltd;
      (f) the use of substitute or replacement of parts not supplied by Landscape Engineering Pty Ltd;

    1. Claims made in regard superficial flaking or areas of discolouration.

    1. All claims made in regard to any damage arising from the installation of SHAPESCAPER™ products, including but not limited to:
      (a) any staining of surrounding areas due to “run off” as the weathering process stabilises.

    1. All claims other than those made by the original purchaser.

    1. All claims without a dated proof of purchase.

    1. SHAPESCAPER™ products that have been disturbed or relocated after the initial installation. (Please insure that all products under claim remain in-situ to allow for warranty inspection.)

    1. Other costs incurred, including but not limited to those for freight and re-installation.

All claims should be initially logged at the point purchase and forwarded in writing to the attention of:

The Engineering Department
Landscape Engineering Pty Ltd
39 Holloway Drive, Bayswater VIC 3153

Please include contact information, proof of purchase, supporting photos and the installation site plans.


This Warranty is in addition to and not in substitution for any rights of the purchaser under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and state or territory legislation.

Returns on standard products will be subject to condition upon an inspection by a qualified staff member from Ideal Edging. The Vendor has the right to refuse the change or return of any stock if we do not consider the product to be in condition for sale. Change of material or return of any excess stocked items will incur a 15% restocking fee. Freight charges for above mentioned Stocked products does not lie with ideal edging. There are no refunds available for Custom items due to a change of mind, other than in the event the Stock can be proven it was defective from damage caused prior to dispatch from Ideal Edging Warehouse.

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