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Gauges Explained (Steel Thickness)

FormBoss™ Metal Garden Edging is so much more than a simple edge. Thanks to our vast range, we have an option suited to most garden edging needs, from flush edges, to standard lawn edging, steps, retaining walls, tree rings, rooftop gardens and raised garden beds, we have a steel garden edging system to match almost every application.

Galvanised and Stainless Gauges:

To start off, FormBoss™ is offered in three different thicknesses, 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm.

These thicknesses are referred to as gauges.


1.60 Millimeter Gauge

1.6mm gauge edging is suited to most domestic edging applications, it has a rounded top width of 5.5mm which gives it heaps of strength and it’s incredibly easy to shape. It is recommended to select a thicker gauge for any publicly installed applications.

2.00 Millimeter Gauge

If you are after an edge with more strength, for extended straight lines or driveway edging that’s likely to be hit by cars from time to time, then the 2.0mm gauge will be a better choice. With its 6.5mm top lip it naturally offers more strength, but is still easy enough to be curved and shaped easily.

2.50 Millimeter Gauge

For the ultimate strength we offer a 2.5mm gauge steel. It’s suited to heavily trafficked public spaces and applications where longevity is crucial. It can also be used around the house and will be strong enough to deal with the day to day knocks for many, many years. Nothing compares to the 2.5mm gauge when you’re after a fast installation of straight lines.

2.50 mm gauge is not available in Corten Steel unfortunately.

Corten (Weathering Steel) Gauges:

Our Corten steel is supplied in a 1.6mm gauge for profiles 75mm – 185mm high. All edges 230mm profile and above come in a 2.oomm gauge steel for extra support. Corten steel is approximately 40% stronger than a galvanised steel of the equivalent gauge.

(stainless steel is available by special request only and will have an approximate extra 2 week lead time, we quote you on whatever gauge you request.)


We decided to assault our edging with a truck to prove a point. (it is empty)


For each application, a varying level of strength will be required. I wanted to show just how strong our 2.5mm commercial gauge of galvanised edging is, by driving a truck on top of it! For public spaces a minimum of 2.0mm gauge is definitely recommended. It is marginally more pricey but it will stay in shape for many years to come, as well as standing up to the test of time better than a thinner steel would.

Upgrading your project to a thicker gauge of edging will ensure there will be less maintenance for years to come.

Take a look at what the circle looked like after we pulled the truck off it (below):

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